Munkholm - Organic Diffuser, Cotton - 100 ml

149,00 kr

Cotton has the most wonderful lightly spiced floral scent of flowers from the cotton plant, coconut light spices, jasmine and sandalwood. Lovely scent for every room in the house 

A diffuser brings a beautiful scent into your home or in the office.To get the most out of the fragrance, start by putting 2 sticks into the bottle. After a day you carefully turn the sticks upside down. If you want more fragrance in the air, increase the number of sticks, but only 1 at a time. Remember to leave the room for a while, so you can smell how powerful it is when you return. You must remember to turn the sticks once a week. When you turn the sticks, hold them with a napkin or a paper towel so you do not get any fluid on your skin.