Munkholm - Organic Hand Soap, Frk. Rose

45,00 kr

Old fashioned romantic rose scent together with a handful of dried rose petals.

100 g.


Handmade soap from Munkholm is both mild and creamy. Ideal for daily care in the shower, and for the sink. Only organic oils are used in the soaps and coconut oil is ecologically NOP certified and kosher. The palm oil and palm kernel oil are also certified RNOP and RSPO, which means that it is organic and come from sustainable plantation and production.

The soaps are made after a very old tradition, where a base (also called lye) is mixed with oils. When mixed, a chemical reaction, called saponification, occurs. Different herbs are added, including flowers, honey, and divine fragrant essential oils. The soap mass is poured into large wooden casts and hardeners for a minimum of 24 hours. Then it is cut into smaller bars and is set to ripe for at least 4 weeks. Only then is soap ready to be sold.

Munkholm soaps are wonderfully creamy and do not dry the skin. In addition, they are naturally antibacterial, and they are both fragrant and decorative.

The soaps are handmade, so there may be deviations in appearance and weight.