Mind Studio - Reishi Mushroom Liquid Extract

350,00 kr

Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum) a restorative adaptogen known to induce calmness, improve sleep quality and cultivate resilience to stress. A revered Yin, Qi, Shen treasure deepened with benefits that may aid in the reduction of insomnia and restlessness to increase total sleep time and non-rapid eye movement. Superior tonic herbs to calm the mind and nourish the soul. Made for everyday use as part of your daily ritual for mindful, conscious, well-being.

Our Reishi is one of natures purest & most potent functional mushroom extracts.

Made to be taken every day, in any beverage like tea or coffee, juice or smoothies, meals or broths. 

Benefits, Science & Powerful Properties:

Deepened with benefits that may aid in the reduction of insomnia and restlessness to increase total sleep time and non-rapid eye movement. Reishi can protect against oxidative stress, reduce inflammation and better restful night sleep.

Good for everyday use, for a healthier and better life.

How to use:

Use daily.

Add to any beverage like water, tea, coffee, juice or smoothies, or sublingually under the tongue.

Functional Mushrooms works best when taken consistently over longer periods of time.

Ingredients: Organic Reishi, Purified Water, Ethanol 20%.

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EU/USDA Certified Organic, Food Supplements.

Formulated in Denmark.
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