Igen - Reversible belt - Gold Buckle

499,00 kr 499,95 kr

Beautiful classic reversible belt, gray on one side and off-white on the other, and with a removable buckle. IGEN's belt combines functionality and style in one.
The belt is made of recycled polyester and water-based PU and is reversible, so you get two belts in one! The belt comes with a swirl buckle in either gold or silver. The swirl buckle is removable and can therefore be replaced. Therefore, the swirl buckle can also be purchased separately, so that it can be changed as it suits you.

With a reversible belt in two colors and two different buckles in gold and silver, you can style your belt exactly as you want again and again!

The belt is made from a combination of 58% recycled polyester, 35% water-based PU and 5% kaolin. The recycled polyester is 100% post-consumer polyester, which means that all the polyester has previously been in use, and has then been collected, recycled and integrated into the production of the belt. Water-based PU is not leather - but a vegan version, produced without solvents using water-based polyurethane resin. The belt is therefore DMF-free and meets the standards for REACH. Compared to the traditional synthetic leather process, the water-based process reduces both energy consumption and waste.

The swirl buckles are available in silver and gold and are made from zinc alloy, making them water resistant. The belt is delivered in a biodegradable plastic bag made from maize flour and in an FSC MIX certified box.

The belt is 25 mm wide and is available in three lengths.
70-85 cm
90-107 cm
110-127 cm

To best care for your belt and extend its life, you should avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and heat. Store dry, possibly in the accompanying box. Clean any stains gently with a soft cloth and mild soap.