Igen - Computer Sleeve Mini, Chai - 21*16

199,00 kr


- Sleeve made of 100% recycled polyester, created from plastic bottles.
- Quilted pattern.
- Colour: Chai, also available in Matcha and Milkshake.
- Dimensions: 21 cm x 16 cm.

IGEN's quilted mini sleeve is the perfect multifunctional pouch. The pouch is made from recycled polyester, created from plastic bottles that we have given a new life.
This method creates a durable material that shines nicely in the light and gives your sleeves an exclusive look. The sleeve closes with a zipper.

The pouch can be used for exactly what you want. Whether it's as a clutch, as a make-up purse on the go, to store electronics in, as storage for passports and boarding passes on holiday, or as a pencil case at school.

This sleeve is in a warm taupe color and you can also purchase a matching computer sleeve.

Mini sleeves come in the colors Chai, Matcha, and Milkshake.