Igen - Beauty Bag, Cherry

349,00 kr

Good things always come again!

IGEN's Beauty Bag is produced in 100% recycled polyester, created from recycled plastic bottles, and comes in a classic design and with a quilted pattern in organic shapes.

Igen first make-up bag, created in collaboration with Emma Sille Lund, was so popular that you have asked for it again and again. That's why they teamed up with Emma AGAIN and recreated the iconic design in Kiwi green and added two new ones to the collection; Cherry red and Coco brown.


Beauty Bags outside and inside are made from  100% recycled polyester, created from recycled plastic bottles. This means that the bag is durable and practical and can be used again and again, for many years to come. At the same time, the inner material can withstand liquid, so the bag can easily be wiped free from spills from e.g. makeup or shampoo. In addition, the bag is spacious and designed with a zip closure and a strap on the side, which makes it perfect for hanging in the bathroom. Inside you will find our logo brand, created from the textile waste from production. 


L: 28 cm

H: 15 cm

D: 8 cm


Due to the water-repellent inner material, IGEN's Beauty Bag can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth as needed.