AYA & IDA - Spork

25,00 kr
This spork has both fork and spoon in one. It is great for bringing with you on the go and also for the children's packed lunches.

The spork is made of sustainable bamboo, which grows extremely fast - without having to use a lot of water for its growth. Bamboo needs no fertilizer or pesticides to grow as strong as it does, which also makes it a very sustainable material.

Bamboo can be harvested several times a year and absorbs large amounts of Co2 during its lifetime. Bamboo is both stronger and lighter than wood.

Washing and maintaining your bamboo spork:
Avoid washing your spork in the dishwasher. It wears a lot on the bamboo and shortens the products lifetime.

The Spork´ should be washed by hand with a few drops of mild detergent.

The Spork´ benefits from a little oil in between. You can just use what you have in the kitchen drawers. Olive oil, rapeseed oil or similar.