AYA & IDA - Food'ie, Cream Beige 700 ml

269,00 kr
Keep your food warm for 8 hours and cold for 12. Perfect on the go - can for example be used for your breakfast porridge, pasta dishes, wok dishes, soups, for yoghurt, for baby food or even for ice cubes. Eat with ease - the Food'ie is made of 1st class stainless steel 18/8 that does not interact with your food. Bonus: with your recyclable FOOD'IE you can actively help reduce waste packaging and stop food waste. You are helping to protect our nature.

Their customers say:

"My kids have never enjoyed their lunch as much as they do now. Heats leftovers from the day before, everything from soups, rice porridge, pasta / meat sauce. It keeps the dish warm and is a huge success. I highly recommend trying these products. It is worth the money. "

"Their products are amazing and keep their promises. My 2 boys get hot food at school every day in the smart Food'ie and cold water in the fine drinking bottle. AYAIDA gets the best recommendation from me"