The School of Life - The Career Workbook

179,00 kr


A thought-provoking and practical workbook with exercises to help you discover a career that is truly fulfilling. The Career Workbook is a guided journal designed to help you find a more fulfilling career. Through a series of essays, questions and written exercises, you’ll build up a personalised portrait of your talents and ambitions and zero in on the career that will satisfy both.

The book will help you…

• Establish a firm, clear and realistic sense of your talents, passions, ambitions and weaknesses.

• Understand how your upbringing and past has influenced your career decisions.

• Identify and overcome psychological obstacles standing in the way of your goals.

• Decide exactly how and when to make a career change.

The book applies a uniquely philosophical perspective to the world of work. It dares us to ask truly big questions: about why humans need work; the kinds of work that truly motivate us; and how the right job can give our lives purpose and meaning.