The School of Life - How Ready Are You For Love

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A path to more fulfilling and joyful relationships.

A guided questionnaire to help understand ourselves and our romantic relationships more clearly.

Most questionnaires are just a bit of fun, but this one sets out to be both entertaining and useful. It offers us nothing less than a guide to the comforting and supportive relationships we long for.

Product description

This is a book that can help us understand our distinctive style of loving, what our strengths and weaknesses are with partners, and how we might secure genuine fulfilment in relationships.

As we work through the questionnaire and its accompanying essays, we stand to discover the many reasons why relationships go wrong, and how they might do so less often in the future. The book considers the role of self-hatred, the influence of childhood, the importance of vulnerability, the appeal of unavailable people, and the best ways to overcome patterns of self-doubt and unhealthy attachment.