Mr Bear Family - Moustache Wax, Wilderness - 30 ml

109,00 kr

Moustache Wax Wilderness (30 ml)

Taking control of your moustache can sometimes feel like trying to herd cats - difficult, impossible, and very frustrating. That's why we've developed a proper wax with a really good hold. It's based on beeswax and it's (almost) rock-solid. Mr Bear recommends keeping it in your pocket so it stays warm and available if you're faced with a sudden soup lunch or just want to show off what a cool moustache wax you've got. If you want to give your moustache a little more freedom but still have some semblance of shape, we recommend a Beard Shaper instead.

Why moustache wax?

  • Shapes the moustache.
  • Keeps the shape all day.
  • Moisturises the moustache and the skin underneath.


With a delightful scent of rolling green hills, lavender and wood.

Key Ingredients


Start by warming up the wax in your hands or with a hairdryer. Scrape the warm wax out of the tin and soften further between your thumb and index finger. Then apply the wax evenly to the moustache, using a comb towards the end. Wash out the wax with warm water and soap. A tip to keep the wax handy is to keep it in your trouser pocket.