Mr Bear Family - Moustache Wax, Original - 30 ml

109,00 kr

Moustache Wax Original (30 ml)

Taking control of your moustache can sometimes feel like trying to herd cats - difficult, impossible, and very frustrating. That's why we've developed a proper wax with a really good hold. It's based on beeswax and it's (almost) rock-solid. Mr Bear recommends keeping it in your pocket so it stays warm and available if you're faced with a sudden soup lunch or just want to show off what a cool moustache wax you've got. This is our original moustache wax, the recipe is the same but it is proudly wearing our first logo – for all our OG fans who want some nostalgia with their moustache wax.

Why moustache wax?

  • Shapes the moustache.
  • Keeps the shape all day.
  • Moisturises the moustache and the skin underneath.


A fresh fragrance that opens up in clear notes of lemon, bergamot and grapefruit which lands in soft floral chords.

Key Ingredients


Start by warming up the wax in your hands or with a hairdryer. Scrape the warm wax out of the tin and soften further between your thumb and index finger. Then apply the wax evenly to the moustache, using a comb towards the end. Wash out the wax with warm water and soap. A tip to keep the wax handy is to keep it in your trouser pocket.