Igen - To Go Cup, Lavender - 350 ml

159,00 kr

TO-GO CUP // LAVENDER, 350 ml.

- Holds 350 ml. of cold and hot drinks.
- Produced in recyclable bioplastic.
- Smart screw lid with a closing function.
- Dishwasher friendly.

IGEN's To Go Cup is made from recyclable bioplastic and is the perfect way to take your favorite drink on the go with a clear conscience. With the smart screw lid closing function, you can keep your drinks completely safe on the go.

IGEN's To Go Cup was created with the vision of contributing to everyday life with less waste, for example, when we have to have our daily latte to go. Every year, 16 billion disposable cups end up as waste in the EU. By replacing the almost indispensable disposable cup with our To Go Cup, you are helping to make a difference.

IGEN's To Go cup is produced in recyclable bioplastic in Germany, and the cups are of course BPA-free and without plastic softener.

The cup comes with a screw lid with a closing function that can be easily removed and washed in the dishwasher, together with the cup.