Igen - Headband, Matcha

139,00 kr

Hair band // Matcha
- Hair band made from 100% pineapple fibers, created from waste from pineapple leaves.
- One-size with elastic.
- Colour: Milk, also available in Matcha here.
- Dimensions: Circumference approx. 56 cm.

Pineapple fibers come from the pineapple leaf and are a by-product of the existing pineapple harvest. After harvest, pineapple leaves have no function in agriculture and therefore most often end up as a waste product - until now, when we have chosen to give them a new life again, in our Waste 2 Wear collection of hair bands and scrunchies.

Since pineapple leaf ends are already a by-product of the pineapple harvest, the raw material requires no additional environmental resources to be produced compared to 'new' and synthetic materials. Pineapple fibers are natural and therefore more sustainable material compared to the well-known synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon, which we know from the majority of the production of hair accessories.

In our production with pineapple fibers, we have ensured that the entire supply chain is based in China, where the pineapples are harvested, converted into fibers, and finally become the finished hair bands and scrunchies. By producing products from pineapple fiber, we help farmers clean up their plantations. We create an additional income stream for the local farming community by paying them to transport the leaves to production that would otherwise simply have ended up as waste. At the same time, we ensure that all materials are traceable and, of course, certified.

About the hair band:

This hair band is in the finest light green - a matching scrunchie is also available.

The pineapple fibers have a natural but exclusive expression. It is breathable and is therefore gentle on your hair, while at the same time, it does not leave your hair electric like other plastics. Therefore, can you safely use both your scrunchie and your hair band overnight, and again and again, without it wearing out your hair.

All hair ties and scrunchies are one size and have elastic inside so they can easily adapt and expand according to your needs and wishes for styling.