Igen - Duft Lys

249,00 kr 249,95 kr


- Candles in hand-blown glass, which you can use again.
- 50 hours burning time.
- Made from 100% rapeseed wax.
- Lids from recycled molds from chocolates.

Add a bit extra to the atmosphere with a scented candle from IGEN, which you can use again and again.
The candle comes in mouth-blown glass and is handcrafted from 100% natural canola wax, an OEKO-TEX® certified cotton wick, and topped with a recycled unique lid made from old molds from chocolate production.

All our scented candles are produced in soy-, GMO- and rainforest-free, plant-based, and 100% biodegradable rapeseed wax. Since rapeseed is grown in Scandinavia, the transport route from producer to consumer is shorter, and the cultivation is not related to the falling of rainforest.

With a candle made from rapeseed wax, you get a scented candle that emits approx. 80% fewer particles than regular candles and paraffin candles. Your new scented candle is thus not only a more sustainable alternative to the traditional candle but also healthier for your indoor climate.

IGEN always strives to create products you can use again and again. When you have finished your candle, you can use the mouth-blown glass again as a drinking glass or storage glass for your makeup rondels. Limited only by your imagination!
The glass is food-approved and can easily go in the dishwasher.

Your new scented candle from IGEN has a burning time of 50 hours and is available in three different scent variants: Sage, Oak & Amber / Delphine & Sea Buckthorn / Bianca & Violet Blush

Bianca & Violet Blush: Scent of white rose, violet and citrus. 
The Bianca & Violet Blush is a fresh and feminine scent, inspired by the Scandinavian spring. Let the soft, floral notes of white rose and violet combined with a light citrus quality and a natural sweetness brighten your home. This fragrance is complex yet fresh - just like the environment it is inspired by.

Delphine & Sea Buckthorn: 
The Delphine & Sea Buckthorn candle has a Scandinavian scent inspired by the Danish coastline. The delicate sweetness of sea buckthorn is complemented by a mineral quality, a hint of green notes, and rounded off by a feminine, floral blush, resulting in a light, fresh fragrance that lifts your spirits.

Sage, Oak & Amber: Notes of wood, herbs and chai.
The Sage, Oak & Amber candle has a herbal and spicy warm but fresh scent that feels like a hug and gives a sense of comfort and coziness. Let the unique combination of warm, inviting amber and woody notes engulf and soothe you.