Igen - 10 x Makeup Pads

129,00 kr

10 x Makeup pads

- Reusable makeup pads.
- 3 layers of bamboo cotton, which makes them soft on the skin.
- Multi bag for storage and washing included.
- Wash the rondels after use and use them again and again.

10 pcs. bamboo cotton pads and associated multi-bag for washing and storage.

Cleansing the skin is important, but let's remove makeup and dirt with something that we can use again and again, rather than disposable products. A number of cotton pads can quickly end up in the bin if your skincare routine consists of several steps.

About the makeup pads:
IGEN's reusable pads are made of 3 layers of soft fabric: bamboo fibers in the middle and cotton on the outside, which makes them as soft as rondels made of cotton wool. The makeup pads can be used again and again, as long as they are washed - if necessary, use the supplied multi bag to wash the cotton pads in.

We recommend washing the makeup pads at 40 degrees but do not recommend using fabric softener during washing. The reusable cotton pads made of cotton and bamboo easily remove waterproof makeup, but the waterproof makeup requires an extra gentle hand wash to remove it from the pads.