Fólk - The Empty Airbag

695,00 kr

The design of the Airbag is a clear example of a transparent transformation from a linear to a circular economy; an example where design thinking creates new futures using materials already available to us. The global economy is only 7,2% circular, and the number is declining.

By rethinking processes and creating inter-industry alliances, this number can be raised significantly. The Airbags are a truly circular product. With 96% of the material being waste from industrial or consumer processes.

The Airbag project started with FÓLK asking the designers at Studio Flétta to visit a local car part sale and create a design from materials that were not currently resold or reused by the dealership. Flétta found the airbags among the waste in the car part dealership and proposed the idea of creating beautiful upcycled pillows from the waste.

Airbag as a product is extremely strong and robust, ideal for the children's room, outdoor use, the yoga studio, or the living room.

The empty Airbag is a new product where you can purchase only the outer cover of the Airbag. It is made from some of the abundant leftover Airbags which can be found at car part sales in Europe. 

The empty Airbag can be used to stuff soft textiles when not in use. Whether it is your summer duvet, winter jackets or teddy bears, the empty airbag can be filled with soft filling by choice and serve as a cushion, a pouf or simply a storage pouch. 

By using the empty airbag you are supporting increased circularity of materials.


The airbag is sourced from car-junkyards in various countries in Europe, such as Denmark, Iceland and Germany.

Each airbag is unique. Colour of Empty airbag is of-white and handle may vary, colours available: Pink, Orange and Seagreen

Size: 60 cm diameter.